What Do You Do When an Injury Gets Too Personal?

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Accidents happen. That is an unavoidable fact of life. Cars go bump, branches hit houses, and unplanned “trips” happen. Sometimes, those accidents can even involve our most enjoyable beauty and self-care rituals. So… what do you do when an injury gets a little too personal?

Ouch! That Hurt!

Imagine you were at a routine beauty appointment with your esthetician. A little wax and tweeze, and you are fresh for another month. Right? Not this time. This time, the wax was placed a little too close for comfort, and the removal took a lot more than just unwanted hair. One wax strip later, you are burning, bleeding, crying, and on your way to the emergency room. You’ve been coming to this spa for three wonderful years – how could this have happened?

Even the most skilled personal service provider could make a mistake. They are human. Things happen. Yet, how should you react if you become the victim of human error? Do you forgive, forget, and hope the antibacterial ointment will stop the pain? This is a reasonable course of action, but you must first understand the magnitude of the accident.

A bikini wax gone wrong isn’t malpractice… is it?


Well, actually, it might be. While the severity may not be the same as an error in the operating room, the impact on your daily life could be equally disruptive. Your experience may in some way affect your ability to go to work, care for your family, or even live your life. Understanding the extent of your injury and the long-term effects may help you take the right steps to protect yourself.

So, What do you do when an injury gets too personal? Talk to a Professional.

Attorney Knowledge

Seeking the counsel and advice of an attorney doesn’t mean you are chasing ambulances and creating class-action lawsuits. In fact, this is all about being informed and knowing your options. In some instances, those discussions will lead to cases that may provide you with some relief (financial or otherwise) to help remedy the situation. Alternatively, you might learn that your best course of action is simply to change service providers or beauty habits. Most importantly, your attorney will let you know what your timing is to pursue the issue. No matter what, the most important thing is that you gain awareness through the guidance of your attorney.

Protecting your health and quality of life should be at the top of your priority list. This includes ensuring that you know what to do when accidents and injuries become a little too personal for comfort.

Does this story sound a little too familiar? Contact the team at the Law Office of Adriana E Baudry. We are here to help.


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