Do Resolutions Only Happen in January?

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New Year ~ New You. It seems like we hear that throughout the entire month of January. The start of the new year brings goals for personal and professional improvement. We make plans and set strong goals for the year. But… does that mean that resolutions only happen in January? Well, that all depends on how you define a resolution.

Resolution: A firm decision to do or not do something.1  

After enjoying a fun-filled holiday season filled with yummy treats, many of us make the decision to get healthier. We resolve to start a diet or work out more after January 1st. When you think about it that way: Yes! Resolutions happen at the start of the year. However, there is much more to the concept.

Resolution: The quality of being determined or resolute.1

When we consider a resolution to be a quality, we open the doors to resolutions that extend far beyond January. After all, we face situations every day that require our determination. As parents, we have to stand firm in our decisions, especially when our kids challenge them. As employees, we are often determined to overcome interruptions and obstacles that impact our work. We become determined to meet our goals and exceed the expectations of our supervisors.

This personal characteristic extends far into our lives as family, friend, community member, colleague, and student. Everyday something happens that inspires us to make decisions that we support with strength and conviction. And yet… there is more to a resolution.

Resolution: The action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.1

You may not have realized it, but resolutions happen in business too!

As members of a Board or other corporate leadership team, we often face situations that require discussion, critical thinking, and formal documentation of a decision. This document serves as a record of the stance and approach the business is taking in response to an important issue. This is particularly relevant for issues that may have regulatory or compliance complications, such as public healthcare concerns, data breaches, and environmental safety. This document is known as a resolution and is often a requirement that corporations must adhere to when it comes to decisions that affect the company.


When starting a business and forming a Limited Liability Corporation, the named owners will be vested with the authority to make decisions and vote on resolutions. Those resolutions are the formal acceptance and documented proof of important business decisions. Although not everyone needs to agree or approve of the action, a majority vote is required to ensure that the issue doesn’t become the victim of a dead-locked decision. Knowing your obligations and role in the leadership of a business is imperative to keeping you protected and on the right track.

Regardless of the resolution type, it is certain that careful thought, strong determination, and unwavering support are all key components that bring a resolution to life – and not just in January!


Need help finding the right format and process for your business resolutions? Contact the team at the Law Office of Adriana E Baudry. We are here to help.




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