Fractional Ownership

Although the real estate market might be experiencing a slight slow-down, many consumers are still looking for ways to improve their investment portfolios and offset the impacts of inflation. The argument has often been made that real estate represents one of the safer ways to invest and protect your money. However, with interest rates continuing […]

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More than One Primary Residence

I have a client who recently asked me an interesting question. “Can my spouse and I have more than one primary residence?” It seems that they can’t live without each other, but they can’t live in the same house either. Quite the conundrum! First things first… I’m not a marriage counselor. I say that tongue […]

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A Total Disaster!

Is it just me? Or does the world feel like it’s a little off kilter? So many things, both good and bad, happen daily. Sometimes we have to take a moment to change our perspective to understand if a certain event is positive or negative. And…  Mother nature seems to be throwing a few tantrums! […]

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The term eminent domain refers to the process in which the government seizes private property for public use, after providing fair compensation. The thought of the government seizing your property can be scary. So, is your property at risk from eminent domain? We are going to talk a bit today about how the process works, […]

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Important Tax Changes in 2022

With the coronavirus still going strong, all our lives have been affected in a variety of ways including the way we work, the way our children attend school, the way we interact in public, and the way we pay our taxes. Tax season is upon us once again. Thanks to pandemic-era legislation there are some […]

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My Business Supply Chain

It seems like all we have been hearing about over the last few months is supply chain issues. These issues translate to the limited availability of products, parts, and even people. As a consumer, it can be incredibly frustrating to find that the things you need are hard to get. I don’t think any of […]

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Holiday Traditions Mean So Much

Families gather. Tasty treats are plentiful. Games are played. Love and laughter are shared. At various points throughout the year, we join loved ones to celebrate holidays as well as personal events and achievements. Each gathering has its own specific routine. Meals are served at a certain time. Hosting is often a shared activity. Each […]

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Do I Need to Form an LLC?

Starting a new business is exciting and at the same time, full of unknowns and challenges. One common question that most entrepreneurs ask when they start their journey is if they need to form an LLC. In this month’s blog, we will be discussing the difference between a sole proprietorship and a single-member LLC. Deciding […]

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